This premium polygel offers 12 natural colours:

  1. Pink
  2. White
  3. Rose
  4. Baby Pink
  5. Crystal Clear
  6. Cream White
  7. Coral
  8. Cherry Blossom
  9. Nude
  10. Tan
  11. Procelain
  12. Soft Tan


There are 4 kits to choose from:

  • 3-Piece Kit: 1 x Polygel (Any color) + Dual Forms (100-pc) + Professional Application Brush
  • 5-Piece Kit : 2 x Polygel (Any 2 colors) + Dual Forms (100-pc) + Professional Application Brush + Slip Solution (75ml)
  • 7-Piece Kit: 4 x Polygel (Any 4 colors) + Dual Forms (100-pc) + Professional Application Brush + Slip Solution (75ml)
  • 12-Piece Kit: 6 x Polygel (Any 6 colors) + Dual Forms (100-pc) + Professional Application Brush + Slip Solution (75ml) + Gel Top Coat + Gel Base Coat


What it is: A kit of must-have nail extension essentials with specially curated tools and gels for stronger and healthier nails.


  • The polygel is made of a high-performance, non-irritating formula with ingredients that make nail extension quick, easy, long-lasting, and flawless. It delivers the length and cushion of a gel manicure without the nail damage. Whether using as an extension gel or a nail glue this is a must-have essential.
  • The stainless-steel polygel brush is an ultra-thin precision brush, which allows for an evenly disbursed application. 


Ingredient Callouts: Nail extensions should be fun, easy and natural. This polygel set allows you to apply your nail extensions in a quick, effortless, and flawless way. It's formulated with high-quality ingredients that are long-lasting and non-irritating. No harsh ingredients or adhesives that lead to damaged nails. The cute tube is squeezable to reduce waste. This product is not tested on animals.


What Else You Need to Know: All gels are likely to thicken during winter. Please squeeze gently from the end of the tube. Dual forms cannot be replaced by nail tips. This gel needs to be cured under a UV/LED lamp.


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Polygel Nail Extension Kit